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My thoughts on Language Study

I am a very avid language learner. In fact, for the last 2 years I cannot remember spending 2 days in the raw without touching any sort of language learning program. I have tried tons of language learning programs and I can say from personal experience that each and everyone of these programs were somehow beneficial and taught me something new. And in my book, that was the point of getting the program to start with, learning something new.  Well, I have to admit that not all of these programs where equal in their capacity of teaching and if I ever had to choose one and only program, it would be Pimsleur.  The Pimsleur came in very handy when I was trying to learn Spanish. Like everyone else, I had spent some time learning Spanish at school for about 4 years. And I have to be honest here and say that what I learned in school never came in useful when it came to speaking to Spanish nationals. I knew the grammar very well and my range of vocabulary in the language was very high (due mostly to its similarity to French), but speaking was as impossible a task as becoming a ski champion for a black man. Well, all that changed when I finally got my hand on the Pimsleur program last year, at about the same time as now. I went through the course in 3 weeks (supposed to be 12 weeks) and before I knew it, I could communicate in Spanish. I think what Pimsleur gave me was the confidence to actually use what I already knew, plus lots of useful vocabulary. But, I need to clarify again that I already knew at least 75% to 80% of the vocabulary needed to speak Spanish and my grammar and listening were already very good before I used the Pimsleur Program. So it would be hard for me to say for sure that it was all due to Pimsleur. And to clarify, I used Pimsleur for Japanese as well. It was very helpful and I can say lots of things in Japanese now, but I do not truly believe that I could hold a conversation as well as I do in Spanish.  What I personally believe is that Pimsleur is better suited to anyone who is already familiar with the language. The problem with most people who study languages (at colleges and universities) is that they focus more on the grammar and the vocabulary part of the language. Speaking and communication is in reality an after-thought. So if you think that you are one of those persons, (you know, the ones who always say: I can understand but I cannot speak), then you should definitely try Pimsleur. Because you already have what is needed to speak the language and Pimsleur is the KEY to bring it out. Well, that’s my thought on language learning today. Till next time